Multiple retailers

As the biggest retail supplier of flowers and plants in Europe, no-one is more capable of satisfying the needs of every market segment in the multiple retail sector, from discount retailers to full-service supermarkets. However, we go further than just providing customised orders of cut flowers, bouquets and pot plants wherever and whenever they are needed. We organise the logistics, information and innovation processes for everyone: from breeder to end user, ensuring every client achieves the best results possible. Above all, we know the consumers through and through. By means of New Product Development and market research, we closely monitor and adapt the latest consumer trends, including new product varieties. Our strength lies in achieving optimal co-ordination between growers and retailers, with a continual focus on the consumer. Retail is detail. We make sure that even the most minor details are properly attended to. That's what we're all about.



Bloom is the retail specialist in Europe in the area of sustainable produced cut flowers with a high-end quality standard. We are specialists in sour…

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Green Partners

Specialized partner for multiple retailers in the development and supply of cut flowers and (hand-tied and belt-made) mixed bouquets. Various leading …

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Greenex specialises in designing, creating and producing bouquets and mono bouquets for retailers throughout Europe. By purchasing at the source, we a…

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Intergreen is the category captain for multiple retailers in the UK.

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JZ Flowers

Specialized bouquet maker and supplier of pot plants in the UK for multiple retail. Strong in new store concepts on cut flowers, bouquets and pot plan…

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Orange Flower Connect

Orange Flower Connect is the local supplier of cut flowers in the United States.

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Qualiflor is a specialist bouquet, flower and plant supplier for the French multiple retail. Strong in newly develop store concepts for cut flowers an…

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SuperFlora is the category captain for leading retailers in the UK. Dedicated, dynamic and with a consumer focus to develop the category of cut flower…

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Van Dijk Flora

Supplier of multiple retailers in Europe, for both flowers and plants. Transparency in the chain is the basic strategy for Van Dijk Flora: between gro…

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