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consumenten fotografie DFG 2019
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Meet the familiy

Each focussed on and specialised in serving a particular client segment, our companies come together in a way that efficiently covers the entire international flowers and plants trade. Dutch Flower Group companies serve five different client segments:

  • Multiple Retailers
  • E-Fulfilment for online retailers
  • Wholesale flower importers
  • Wholesalers & retail chains specialised in plants
  • Sourcing


Consisting of more than 30 companies, our DFG family supplies flowers and plants to every relevant consumer sales channel: importing wholesalers (florist supply), multiple retailers (supermarket chains, DIY stores, garden centres) and online / e-tailers. Just like any family, our individual members each have their own character and culture, which is expressed in the way they provide their customers with the best possible service. We cherish those different identities. And everybody benefits from the improved performance that comes from working together under the same umbrella.

Creating a greener and happier world together, with our family of more than 30 companies. Our family supplies flowers and plants to every relevant consumer sales channel: importing wholesalers, multiple retailers snd e-tailers.

Multiple retailers

As the largest supplier to retail in Europe, we are uniquely able to satisfy every type of multiple retail formula. From discounter to full-service supermarket. But we do more than just fulfil arrangements to deliver cut flowers, bouquets and potted plants. We organise the logistics, data and innovative processes, all the way from plant breeder to shopper, so that each of our customers can achieve the best results for the lowest possible costs. On top of this, we understand the consumers. Because we carry out data analysis and targeted market and shopper research, as well as being active in New Product Development based on upcoming consumer trends and developments. Our power comes from putting our knowledge and expertise to work to realise the most optimal supply chain between growers and retailers, always remaining focussed on those who shop at our customers’ stores. To us, retail is about the details. Always getting them right. That’s what we believe in.

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E-fulfilment for online retailers

We offer an ideal complete solution for companies selling flowers and plants online. Enabling our customers’ success by taking care of all their e-fulfilment needs, so they are free to focus on sales and marketing activities. In addition to purchasing, production, stock management, order personalisation, fulfilment and logistics, we also provide photography and our design department always ensures a clear and distinctive commercial presentation. Together with our advanced IT connections and revolutionary technologies, including the ability to keep flowers fresh for longer without using water, this makes us one of Europe’s leading organisations serving (online) retailers.

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Wholesale flowers

We can supply cut flowers at any time, 24/7. Whether it’s a single bunch, several pallets or entire truckloads. Because our growers are located all over the world, we have an extensive range available all year round. Our strength is our ability to respond to whatever customers want. And we fulfil this via a very personal approach, which means our customers have the pleasure of dealing with passionate employees who are happy to contribute in every way they can. Each of our companies has its own character, culture and specialism. This enables us to achieve optimal matches, both with different customers and with different growers. We’re happy to sell our quality flowers according to who grows them and to introduce new varieties in collaboration with our growers and breeders. We also make use of modern techniques, such as user-friendly web shops with online stock, to make our customers’ purchasing process as convenient as possible, with the ability to see what they’re buying.

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Wholesale and retail plants

We have a huge range of indoor and garden plants. Being geared up for dealing with a rapidly developing market is second nature to us. Our plants come from preferred growers, who are world leaders in their categories and with whom we are working in ever-closer partnerships. We bundle volumes to efficiently meet every requirement, such as large-scale promotions for multiple retail, garden centre chains, DIY stores and, of course, specialised wholesalers. Making our customers’ jobs easier, is one of our strengths. From providing shelf-ready presentations to adding value in all kinds of ways. And we make the most of advanced IT to help with this, for example through the ability to order via our companies’ webshops.

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We have access to a global network of quality growers and we import products from all corners of the world, particularly cut flowers and decorative greens. In addition to the Netherlands, we also have locations in important production regions in order to maintain optimal control on the supply chain of products and logistics on-site. From these offices, we co-ordinate direct distribution to clients around the globe. Over many years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of all flowers and plants that the world has to offer. We use this knowledge to help our clients find specific products that suit their consumers best. Together with breeders and growers, we continually search for products that are optimally suited to and add value to specific markets. And of course, it’s not just our clients we make things easy for: our growers can always turn to us to outsource logistical and marketing activities. To reinforce the quality of the supply chain, we have established our own logistics centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Our colleagues locally provide quality control and conditioning of fresh cut flowers. As a freight forwarder, they also globally distribute enormous volumes of flowers and other fresh products cultivated in Africa.

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