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Meet the family

The companies within Dutch Flower Group are one big family. They consist of five divisions, encompassing the entire international flower and plant industry. Dutch Flower Group, established in 1999 following a merger of the Van Duijn Groep and OZ Group, is the biggest player in the global horticulture industry.

As well as being part of a close family, each of our companies is individually strong and has its own distinct character and culture, which ensures optimal service to their customers. Every company is unique, and we cherish their individual identities. But when you put them together, they function at their best. They trust each other implicitly. They learn from one another. They deliberate - together with us - on future strategies to ensure long-term success. They complement each other whenever necessary. And they share the same family values, such as quality, sustainability and respect - both for each other and for the world we live in.

We are a financially sound organisation and we flexibly adapt to ever-changing market conditions. We prefer long-term cooperation with our partners, ensuring a healthy win-win situation for the entire horticulture supply chain. Our market knowledge and passion enables us to give our clients and their consumers throughout the world exactly what they want. We provide the exact quality, quantity, product range and packaging and we offer added value in a multitude of ways.

Our family consists of overĀ 33 specialist trading companies. Within Dutch Flower Group, we work fromĀ five customer segments, namely:

  • Large-scale retailers (Multiple Retailers)
  • Online
  • Importing wholesalers of flowers (Wholesale Flowers)
  • Wholesale businesses and retail chains specializing in plants (Wholesale & Retail Plants)
  • Sourcing (Sourcing)

All companies within the family are managed individually and each have their own specialisms:

Multiple retailers

As the biggest retail supplier of flowers and plants in Europe, no-one is more capable of satisfying the needs of every market segment in the multiple…

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Wij bieden de ideale totaaloplossing voor bedrijven die succesvol online bloemen en planten willen verkopen. Wij ontzorgen onze klanten volledig, zod…

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Wholesale Flowers

We provide our clients with fresh cut flowers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a single bunch, a few pallets or entire truckloads, we can d…

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Wholesale & Retail Plants

We have an enormous range of house and garden plants. We also offer Fairtrade plants as we believe that sustainable and responsible products are the f…

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We have access to a global network of quality growers and we import products from all corners of the world, particularly cut flowers and decorative gr…

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