09 January 2024

Opening Packed At Source Africa (PASA) facility contributes to increasing efficiency and sustainability in the flower sector

PASA in Kenya offers opportunities for international clients as well as local employment

The Packed At Source Africa (PASA) facility, part of Dutch Flower Group (DFG), opened on 8 January 2024. At the new, strategically located location in Kenya, bouquets will be composed directly from the source, offering many opportunities for international customers, local employment and Dutch Flower Group companies. An important step in increasing efficiency and further sustainability of the flower sector.

Strategic location for optimal quality and footprint

The new location located in Tilisi (between Naivasha and Nairobi) was chosen to compose bouquets directly at the source, before they make their way to international customers via both air and sea transport. This approach to bouquet production close to the origin not only minimises the distance between production and the customer, ensuring the highest quality and freshness, it also reduces the ecological footprint within the entire chain.

Focus on innovation and tracking system

At PASA, bouquets are assembled either by hand or by conveyor belt by local staff. Automation and innovation are key, and PASA meets all European standards for ‘warehousing’, including an advanced tracking system so that the origin of the flowers can be traced. DFG’s strong sourcing network in Kenya offers fresh roses as well as many other varieties of (summer) flowers. The growers have one thing in common: they are always certified according to the FSI Basket of Standards, a requirement of DFG.

Contributing to Kenyan community

By adding value at the source, DFG aims to contribute even more to the Kenyan community through PASA, namely by creating jobs and transferring knowledge. Besides producing bouquets, locally produced flower food as well as packaging, such as sleeves, are also processed at the same location in Kenya, generating additional employment within the entire chain. In addition, local packaging helps to reduce unnecessary emissions and avoid transporting products back and forth.

Integrated approach

Jelle Griffioen, DFG responsible for PASA: “All processes take place in one facility, close to the source, in Kenya. This integrated approach not only supports local employment, but also contributes to further environmental awareness and increased efficiency in the production chain. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to when we are operating at full capacity. With almost 2000m2 of space, the goal is to create 1 million bouquets a month.”



The official launch was attended by several Kenyan officials and staff from PASA and DFG. From left to right: Bruno Linyiru – Grace Mwaura – Joost Gietelink – Richard Cheruiyot – Hon. CS Rebecca Miano – Jelle Griffioen – Hon. PS Abubakar Hassan Abubakar – Mercy Langat – Hussein Adan Mohamed

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