Market position of peony specialist My Peony Society strengthened by joining forces with DFG

At the start of April 2018, My Peony Society (My Peony), which specialises in cultivating and marketing peonies, is set to begin a strategic collaboration with Dutch Flower Group (DFG).

My Peony is market leader within the field of peonies, and markets these from its offices in Rijnsburg to many trading companies within the Netherlands and abroad.

Within Dutch Flower Group, My Peony will use its expertise to play a unique role in this distinctive specialism while working to further extend its international market position in peonies.

The management of My Peony remains unchanged, and will continue to consist of Ernst Star, Marty Star and Lennart Paauw.

“Joining forces with Dutch Flower Group will offer My Peony a great deal of added value. We will be able to market peonies, which are a very special seasonal product, with improved logistical efficiency and to more potential sales outlets. This will result in a win-win situation both for the growers and trading companies,” commented Ernst Star.

 From left to right: Lennart Paauw, Harry Brockhoff (DFG), Ernst Star en Marty Star.