05 November 2021

Holstein Flowers, Esperit Plants and Del Golfo proud winners of Dutch Flower Awards 2021

Central theme: Growth Through Innovation

At Dutch Flower Group’s stand at Trade Fair Aalsmeer, CEO Jan van Dam announced the winners of the 19th edition of the Dutch Flower Awards 2021. This year, the central theme of the awards was ‘Growth Through Innovation’. Due to the COVID-19 situation a ‘Big Thank You Award’ to all growers was presented online last year.

Dutch Flower Awards 2021

The awards were presented in the Cut Flowers, Plants and Foreign Suppliers categories.

The winner of the Dutch Flower Award for Cut Flowers is Holstein Flowers. The winner of the Dutch Flower Award for Plants is Esperit Plants. The Dutch Flower Award for Foreign Supplier was handed over to Del Golfo, based in Italy.

Preferred Partner Recognition

Following the presentation of the Dutch Flower Awards, Roel Schoemaker of Glocalities was named as the recipient of the Preferred Partner Recognition. Over the past years, Glocalities has provided shopper segmentation research for DFG’s companies. More recently, they provided an update on consumer developments on flowers and plants for Dutch Flower Group.

Expectations for 2021 and beyond

During his speech, Jan van Dam indicated that ‘Growth Through Innovation’ -the theme of this year’s Dutch Flower Awards- will be a key driver in the years to come. He also indicated that

focus on more consumer-oriented development and teaming up on innovations with growers would create many opportunities for growth at their customer base. DFG also has positive expectations regarding this year’s turnover compared to 2020. Next year, DFG foresees major challenges within the supply chain due to the rising costs of energy, materials (due to higher commodity prices) and logistics, as well as the availability of flowers and plants.

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