DFG Proud Partner MVO Westland

During the Entrepreneurs’ Breakfast on 14 February in Naaldwijk, the Dutch Flower Group was awarded the quality mark ‘Proud Partner of MVO Westland’.  This quality mark is a token of recognition for the signers of the covenant who have proven in recent years that CSR has been fully integrated into their business operations.

The quality mark was awarded by State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma and alderwoman Marga de Goeij. The State Secretary took advantage of the opportunity to explain the forthcoming bill in which companies will be required in the future to hire a quota of people who have had a difficult time entering the job market. Alderwoman Marga de Goeij emphasised that this ‘participation law’ will have to be feasible for business professionals to put into practice without too much bureaucracy. She also added that other initiatives, such as company contributions to associations, are also examples of socially responsible business practices that should be appreciated within the framework of the new law.

MVO Westland

But the entrepreneurs in the Westland region have already assumed their own responsibility by signing the MVO Westland covenant and taking action. A central focus of the MVO Westland is that entrepreneurs and the municipality will work jointly towards supporting people with difficulties entering the job market in finding regular work. This may entail offering a suitable position or such services as sandwich delivery, cleaning or maintenance of the landscaping surrounding the company building, and outsourcing work. 

In recent years, Green Partners, Intergreen and others have made efforts to help this target group. Green Partners and Intergreen, for example, now have four new colleagues who have found a stable working environment thanks to extra efforts and guidance. The quality mark is an incentive for the Dutch Flower Group to continue pursuing Corporate Social Responsibility well into the future.

Willem Kramer - P&O Manager