DFG one of the Brexit-buddies in new program

Harry Brockhoff, CFO Dutch Flower Group, this morning hosted a visit of Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (in pink) and Jacco Vonhof, president MKB-Netherlands about Brexit.

Discussion, with participation of Pieter van den Berk (growers of trees), VGB Bloemen en Planten with Matthijs Mesken as well as Lyne Biewinga of NBCC (The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce) (in blue) about the 'Brexit-buddies' program that the Dutch government has initiated. Tomorrow the NBCC Brexit Forum ´Preparing your company for Brexit´ will take place, including mrs Keijzer and mr Vonhof. Dutch Flower Group will also be there to support other companies in the forthcoming period, in preparements for Brexit.

From left to right: Lyne Biewinga, Harry Brockhoff, Mona Keijzer and Pieter van den Berk.