Vida Verde relaunches under Hamiplant

After the bankruptcy of Honselersdijk-based plant exporter Vida Verde, the activities of Vida Verde will be continued under the flag of Hamiplant, which is part of Dutch Flower Group (DFG). This will take place without changing the Vida Verde brand name. 

An agreement on this front has been reached between the curator of Vida Verde and DFG.
This means part of the customer portfolio of Vida Verde will be acquired and some Vida Verde employees will be employed by Hamiplant.

After operating independently for more than 23 years, Vida Verde will thus be able to continue most of its activities under the flag of Hamiplant.

Hamiplant is located in Honselersdijk. The company was founded in 1986 and is one of the largest plant exporters in the Netherlands.

Because part of its activities will be transferred to Hamiplant, it will be able to further enhance its European market position when supplying plants to wholesalers, garden centres and large retailers.

The curator of Vida Verde will be responsible for arranging all bankruptcy-related matters.