Sharing knowledge on multiple retail foundation for the future

Honselersdijk, 13 June 2013 

The annual Suppliers’ Day for the Retail Division of Dutch Flower Group (DFG) was held on 13 June 2013, this time at Op Hodenpijl in Schipluiden. DFG’s Retail Division, comprised of eight specialist companies that supply major European multiple retailers, invited over 80 of its Dutch suppliers this year, all of whom are growers of cut flowers.

This year’s chosen theme was Sustainability, and in particular implementing sustainability in the supply chain by bringing innovation, brand developments and long-term retailing partnerships to bear. Dutch Flower Group offered an afternoon programme, with three of this year's speakers coming from outside the floriculture industry.

Henk Salome, Director of DFG’s Retail Division, opened the programme and was followed by four speakers. The first was the CEO of DFG, Marco van Zijverden, who put emphasis on the importance of sustainable partnerships in the chain, which were needed not least due to current developments in the industry: “We can only grow in retail if we work even more closely together in the chain, from growers to retailers.”

Retail leveranciersdag 062013

Speakers suppliers day: Perry Dekkers (Heineken Netherlands), Arjanneke Teeuw (Healthy People), Henk Gerbers (Bio+), Henk Salome (DFG).


The three main speakers then took their turn. Henk Gerbers, director of Bio+ (a company that also encompasses fresh food), gave an inspiring talk on how his brand had come to attain its current robust position in retail. He also went into detail on how he had shaped this development in partnership with major retailers.

Arjanneke Teeuw, owner-director of Healthy People, told attendees with infectious enthusiasm the story of how she pioneered her fresh juice company with a philosophy of sustainability.  The importance of her having had an innovative, open attitude in setting up Healthy People has been the key element to allow her to obtain her company’s good position in retail. Perry Dekkers of Heineken Nederland completed the billing by giving listeners a glimpse behind the scenes at this global brand and in particular how it has positioned itself with major Dutch retailers. His major challenge is on the playing field of category management as practised by all retailers, and the push for sustainable partnerships with all retailers that runs in parallel with that.

After a lively round-up, Henk Salome gave a summary of what the afternoon had all been about: “Transparency and openness are the basis for longer-term partnerships, and that’s what we as Dutch Flower Group companies are striving for, together with the growers and our retailers. This afternoon’s speakers have given us points to focus on that have to do with brand development, innovation, and the importance of professional category management. These are things we need to be further developing in our industry, too, for retailers.”