On 24 September, the Waitrose supermarket chain, one of the largest chains in England, won the ‘Retailer of the Year Award’ in the category ‘Fresh Flower Supermarket of the Year’ in London.

They won this prestigious award partly thanks to their close collaboration with SuperFlora. As a preferred partner for the flower & plant category, SuperFlora is responsible for half of the floral product range and a large percentage of the plant product range within Waitrose shops.

Over the past two years, the SuperFlora team has worked hard to achieve an effective collaboration with Waitrose by viewing the market and the chain in a more innovative manner. Excellent growth figures, the successful introduction of outdoor plants within the range and display changes in the shops have contributed to this success.

The above initiative is particularly appreciated by the growers involved and has also ensured fresher flowers on the shelf, more sustainable production, better mutual collaboration and cost savings within the chain.