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Parfum Flower Company launches 'Journey of Scent' with a new corporate video and a new online look & feel

With the start of the new wedding season, the time has come to mark a new phase for Parfum Flower Company. With the ‘Journey of Scent’, a professional video production and a new look & feel is launched on the website and social channels.

It is important for Parfum Flower Company to show to their customers and users the extra experience that fragrant roses offer. To the consumer, but also florists, wholesalers and suppliers. ''That's quite difficult,'' says Arnold Wittkamp, the marketing manager of Parfum Flower Company. ''We mainly talk to florists about the roses, but the wholesale trade is also an important target group. They help us getting the roses to our florists customers. And then the consumer, they walk into a flower shop with a picture of a bouquet with our roses in hand. So consumers must also be addressed. Finally, we would like to work with more growers who produce beautiful roses. They need to find what they're looking for on our website, too. With four different target groups, the structure of the website can quickly become very complicated. But I think the new homepage has succeeded in addressing the customer journeys of our four target groups. Hence the 'Journey of Scent'. The new video is an important part of this. The new homepage is ready to use, and many underlying pages as well. But a website is never completely finished. So we continue to fine-tune it. And a number of underlying pages still need an update to the new look & feel.''

Parfum Flower Company has made a name for themselves with the sale of David Austin cut roses. These are classic filled English garden roses that are mainly used in the world of weddings and events for their unique shape. Many of the roses in the assortment of Parfum Flower Company are not just beautiful in shape, but have a nice scent as well. ''We see enormous growth opportunities when the focus is on the beautiful scent of the roses. That's why we focus on scent and not so much on weddings and events in this video.'' Arnold Wittkamp: ''Smelling a scented rose is a real experience. Of all senses, the smell is a special one. It captures memories much better than touch, sight or taste. The wonderful scents of roses - that's something I think the market is waiting for. You can already see it at many florists, our roses are no longer solely sold for weddings. People use them at home or at the office too; A bunch of scented roses in a nice vase, as a single rose, or in a bouquet. With the introduction of the video and the new website we hope to draw more attention from florists and consumers to these unique scented roses.''

The corporate video can be viewed at