Horti Business Challenge 3.0

This year will again feature a new round of the Horti Business Challenge, currently version 3.0! The game is organized by the Hillenraad Campus (known from the Hillenraad 100). DFG is also back in action as supporting partner of the game.

For those who do not know the business game, a virtual production company is run as a team in the Horti Business Challenge 3.0. Participants face many choices: what product do I choose, which market, what marketing strategy, which partners, etc. The game is played in six rounds. After each round we are a virtual year further and the market has changed. The game calculates the business results, which are then used in the next round. The challenge is to run the most profitable business!


This year too, the Dutch Flower Power Group will participate with eight teams in the Horti Business Challenge. In the game you will learn to make strategic choices, think ahead, work together and take calculated risks. All in all an exciting and educational experience!

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Horti Business Challenge