Dutch Flower Power Group visits Dutch House of Representatives

On 11 June 2012, minister Kamp, who at the time was minister of Social Affairs and Employment, paid a visit to Dutch Flower Group. The minister and his entourage were so pleased by the experience that they invited the "Dutch Flower Power Group" (DFPG) to visit the House of Representatives in The Hague for a tour and to have a personal meeting with the minister. The DFPG consists of 35 select young high-potentials whose goal is to meet, inspire and learn from each other, as well as from other companies, even those outside the sector.

When the new government was instated at the end of October 2012, minister Kamp transferred from Social Affairs and Employment to Economic Affairs. This made the visit very interesting, both for the members of the DFG network and for the minister himself.

Minister Kamp has been politically active as a member of the VVD party since 1976. In the course of his career, he has had responsibility over four different ministries; he was a minister in the Balkenende 1 and 2 governments, in Rutte 1 and now in Rutte 2, too.

Meetingroom VVD

The "Handelingen" room

The DFPG was of course well prepared to enter into a dialogue with minister Kamp and the tour of the House of Representatives buildings made the experience even more prestigious. The dialogue, which took place in the presence of two policy officials for the horticulture sector, was held with a great constructive attitude and important, current subjects were not avoided. For instance, subjects such as legislation in the international horticulture sector, the role of the Netherlands as a hub and director within the floriculture industry, and other pressing questions the DFPG had for politicians were of course discussed. It is clear that Economic Affairs has a practical outlook within this government and that, wherever possible, it enters into useful dialogues with the business community in the search for ways to continue to expand our economic position, both nationally and internationally.


The DFPG, on behalf of the Board Peter van Os (Hamiplant).