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Dutch Flower Group (DFG) winner Master Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

“Making life colourful"

Dutch Flower Group is the largest trading company in their field and shows impressive results over the past years.
Marco van Zijverden, CEO of DFG, is managing this typical Dutch company with a strong global position, that without any doubt shows the power of Dutch entrepreneurship across the world.

Dutch Flower Group proves that culture is a critical success factor. The connection to the DFG companies, the commitment to long-term relationships and the stimulation of entrepreneurship with the companies are key to the sustainable growth of Dutch Flower Group. In addition to this, DFG continuously connects all stakeholders and also contributes substantially to many social projects. Therefore, CEO Marco van Zijverden can be seen as an true example of a Legacy Builder, according to the EoY (Entrepreneur of the Year) jury.