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Success is a place you reach by working together. Good cooperation is always the route to the best results. As in any family, each of the companies within Dutch Flower Group has its own personality. And cherishes its own identity. But what makes us strong as a family of companies is the way we share the same standards and values, while mutually respecting our differences. And that we all agree on the same exceptional mission: Making life colourful.

Our family crest reflects all this by depicting a flower with six differently coloured petals. The diversity symbolises the individual identities of our family’s various companies. If you look at our crest another way, you can also see it as six people. They represent a close-knit collective who stand shoulder to shoulder and mind to mind, as they support each other by sharing knowledge. Their complementary connections generating mutual strength. Only together, do they form a colourful flower, which in turn symbolises our mission to make the lives of people all over the world a little happier and greener. Every single day.


Our culture is demonstrated in everything we do and say in our day-to-day activities. The elements we consider the most essential to this culture are expressed via our core values, which are the guidelines for how we act. It’s these standards and values that make us strong as a family and ensure others appreciate all we do.

DFG’s proudly held core values are:

I am open with both colleagues and partners through the way I work and my approach to doing things. I also share knowledge
and know-how. In this way, I contribute to building a solid foundation of mutual trust.

The strength of any chain is determined by its weakest link. I therefore cooperate with my colleagues and strive for optimum team performance. I am always aware of the collective interest and try to look beyond the boundaries of my own role.

I am eager to learn and want to develop myself, as a person and in my profession. I’m always wondering if there are different
and better ways to do things. I feel driven to be a part of Dutch Flower Group’s continued pioneering role in our sector.

I am vigorous and energetic. I take the initiative when I see opportunities to help our customers – and therefore the family of Dutch Flower Group companies – grow even more. I carry out projects and activities efficiently, accurately and with conviction.

We are proud of how “Making life colourful” connects us all.

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