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Launch Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) at IPM 2013

The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) was initiated in 2012 by 25 stakeholders (a.o. Dutch Flower Group) in the floriculture sector, the Founding Members of FSI. FSI aims at creating mainstream sustainability in the floriculture sector by creating an international, sector supported vision on sustainability and to align global and local interests in the sector in a pre-competitive way.

The objectives of FSI are:

  • To set the international vision and agenda on sustainability
  • Initiate and develop joint action & proactive strategy on current and future sustainability issues
  • Strive for strong member commitment & accountability on agreed activities & results
  • To run a business driven initiative with full membership & strong participation of CSOs and other stakeholders


Our ambition

FSI wants to achieve that 90% of the internationally traded flowers and pot plants by FSI members will be sustainably produced by 2020.


Our strategy

To achieve the objectives and fulfill its ambition, FSI has the following strategy:

  • Increase the demand for sustainable flowers and lower costs by providing transparency and comparability of the sustainability standards in floriculture and to have an opinion about the level of sustainability of these standards using the FSI Equivalency Tool as an instrument.
  • Prepare for the future by addressing sustainability issues in a pre-competitive way through the development of tools and best practices regarding future topics like access to finance, CO2 reduction, human rights, water use reduction, government engagement, waste reduction, use of pesticides and energy reduction. Specific topics can be addressed, and best practices for these topics will eventually raise the sustainability level in the sector by adding them to the FSI Equivalency Tool.
  • Create change on the ground by taking joint action on the implementation of impact projects, through coordination of the actions, and the fundraising.
  • Improve the reputation of the sector by enabling joint communications about sustainability initiatives from the sector as a whole. This information spreading will lead to more awareness in the sector and can enhance cooperation for sustainability in the flower sector.


To apply for FSI membership you can fill out the application form or apply online at www.floriculturesustainabilityinitiative.com/en/downloads where you can also find the FSI membership rules & fees.

Where can I get more information?

Go to www.floriculturesustainabilityinitiative.com for the latest information on current activities. For other information or inquiries please contact the office via info@floriculturesustainabilityinitiative.com.


Information in German.