Aim for perfection

One of the things that we are known for is the high quality of our products. What we agree upon, our client gets! Quality is paramount. Our orders comply fully with the stringent quality requirements demanded by the numerous major international quality marks and certifications. Our business processes all focus on achieving this quality and it forms the basis for our partnerships with growers and other suppliers.

Together with our partners, we strive to optimize our ICT, logistics development,  product and process innovation in every possible way.
At the end of the day, we are not growers ourselves. The value that we add to the chain is therefore not in the actual products, but everything surrounding them. From bringing together partners to providing solutions for customers. From sharing specialist know-how and expertise to optimising logistics, product ranges and business processes. From promoting corporate social responsibility to fulfill our responsibilities and contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

We work with certified partners as far as possible, including the following labels:

 FCM_MH_RGB_POSFlorimark _gtpFlorimark _tracecertMPS-Florimark Trade Vignet

The most beautiful flowers and plants are grown in a responsible and sustainable manner. Dutch Flower Group is, therefore, founding father in the international supply chain initiative on sustainability in the horticultural sector: Floriculture Sustainability Initiative ( FSI ).